It takes a village: working with partners for successful patient outcomes

At Hillcrest Healthcare, we strive every day to live our mantra that everyone matters, and we respect and celebrate the lives of those we serve. We recently welcomed a patient to our Beverly Park Place community after working with several partners for months to secure her long-term care. Her story shows the goodness of people and the power that comes in working for a common goal.

The patient was bed bound, living at home with her husband, who was her primary caregiver, when he passed away unexpectedly. She was moved to a local hospital, and multiple efforts were made to find someone who could help her make decisions and manage finances.

Hillcrest Healthcare has a team of liaisons who assist patients in transition from medical facilities, such as hospitals or assisted living facilities, to one of our three long-term skilled care communities. The liaisons handle records, financial information, family meetings, patient concerns, case manager meetings – every aspect of the transition.

Tina Smith, clinical liaison for Hillcrest Healthcare

When the hospital case manager called Tina Smith, clinical liaison for Hillcrest Healthcare, she stepped into action. After meeting with the patient, she was able to get one person’s name – a former student of hers – as someone who could possibly help. Tina didn’t even have a phone number but went to work to track him down and was successful. He immediately agreed to help. 

Tina contacted Heather Ingle with Benevolent Client Services, a nonprofit that provides financial management and oversight of Social Security benefits for individuals who can’t do so due to mental or physical disabilities. Heather contacted the student, and he agreed to become the patient’s power of attorney and assured her he would take care of everything.

Nicole Bush, LMSW, elder care coordinator and public benefits specialist, Franklin & Kyle Elder Law

He reached out to another Hillcrest Healthcare partner, Franklin & Kyle Elder Law, to start the power of attorney process. Over the course of several months, Tina followed the case with all partners, including Nicole Bush, who is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) and serves as elder care coordinator and public benefits specialist with Franklin & Kyle. When the day finally came that the patient’s legal and financial affairs were in order, Tina reached out to the student to start the process of admission to Beverly Park Place, and the patient relocated in January 2022.

“It’s all about taking care of people,” Tina shared. “Our team builds relationships with great partners. We help in any way we can, including through education and answering questions. We care and are there to help people in life transitions.” We’re so grateful for our amazing hospital, legal and non-profit partners who worked together to find help and long-term solutions to get this patient the care she needs and deserves. If you or a loved one is looking for quality, compassionate care, please contact us today.