Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation: Making a difference

National Make a Difference Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of October. It’s a day to find a way great or small to help society either with a group or individually. Citizens are encouraged to support a cause that is special to them, volunteer in the community or simply perform an act of kindness.

No gesture of kindness is ever too small.

Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation is a nonprofit that provides financial support to advance the Hillcrest Healthcare belief that Everyone Matters. It’s another way we tap into the volunteer spirit to increase access to healthcare services, education and technology.

Through golf tournaments, benefit concerts and other fundraising events, proceeds are used to support specific needs of those served by or working in one of our three Hillcrest Healthcare communities.

As the foundation strives to make a difference, one of our West Hills residents will receive needed hearing aid repairs thanks to the Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation.

A patient in needs gets help

West Hills resident David Hill is getting hearing help from Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation.

Kathy Ray, patient concierge at West Hills, learned about a resident, David Hill, whose hearing aids stopped working. “Mr. Hill needs the benefit of hearing aids but does not currently have the financial means to pay for needed repairs,” she said. “I reached out to the Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation to see if funds could be allocated for repair. I’m thankful that the foundation is assisting him, and it will surely improve his daily life.”

According to AARP, hearing aids can improve lives in many ways – especially in older patients who are prone to falls and more susceptible to loneliness. The organization shares that hearing aids can help reduce falls, improve mood, improve brain function and memory, decrease the risk of dementia and strengthen relationships. 

Those are some pretty powerful ways to make a difference! All it took in Hill’s case was someone willing to spare the time to connect an issue with a solution.

Foundation mission

The foundation welcomes volunteers and accepts individual donations, corporate gifts and sponsorships. You also can donate to Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation on its website. The foundation’s mission guides the areas it serves:

Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation promotes healthcare delivery in our community by funding indigent care, advanced pharmaceuticals, new technology and equipment, educational programs and more to patients and residents of Hillcrest Healthcare. Its philanthropic support allows Hillcrest Healthcare to offer and broaden a comprehensive array of health-related services to elders and disabled individuals and provide educational opportunities to Hillcrest employees through scholarship funds.

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