Hillcrest Healthcare delivers 1,500 lunches to seniors for Mobile Meals in Knoxville

Hillcrest Healthcare sponsored “A Day of Meals” for the Mobile Meals program, and members of the leadership team distributed lunches to recipients across Knoxville to show support for seniors.

Members of Hillcrest Healthcare leadership stand alongside Judith Perot of Mobile Meals Kitchen with takeout boxes signifying the $3,250 gift that was used to provide the 1,500 boxed lunches to Knoxville-area seniors.

The program provides daily safety checks and hot and cold lunches on weekdays to homebound seniors in the area. It is administered by the Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee’s (CAC) Office on Aging. Hillcrest Healthcare sponsored approximately 1,500 meals, a gift worth $3,250.

“This has been a stressful time for everyone but giving back reminds us of what’s important and what our priorities are – and that’s helping each other,” said Lavonda Cantrell, director of special projects for Hillcrest Healthcare Communities and vice president of the Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation. “Caring for others is our top priority at Hillcrest, and we’re grateful to partner with such an impactful program that reaches out to people in our community who are the most vulnerable right now.”

Evelyn Carey of North Knoxville receives her meal.

Since COVID-19 emerged in March, the Mobile Meals program has seen a tremendous increase in the number of clients needing to be served daily in the Knoxville area.

Members of Hillcrest Healthcare’s leadership team loaded and distributed boxed lunches today while maintaining social distancing and following all safety precautions, including wearing masks and gloves.

Kim Mountz and Diana Fisher of Hillcrest Healthcare.

Supported in part by a grant from the East Tennessee Foundation, the Mobile Meals program delivers meals to area seniors who are 60 years and older, unable to prepare meals for themselves and do not have anyone to prepare meals for them. For more information about Mobile Meals, including volunteering or donating, visit knoxseniors.org/mobile/.