Get out and play during Move More Month

April is Move More Month, aimed at getting everyone from youth to seniors into the habit of incorporating more physical activity in their daily routines. At Hillcrest Healthcare, we understand the importance of and encourage activities that get our patients moving and support community initiatives for play and exercise as well.

The Hillcrest team was among the partners of an Intergenerational Playspace in Beverly Park, pioneered by Legacy Parks Foundation, that opened in November 2023. It’s the first such space in Knoxville, and it’s so special.

Our Beverly Park Place community is near the Intergenerational Playspace, and Hillcrest Healthcare sponsored the soft-surface walking path leading from the facility to the Playspace in honor of former board member Mark Walker for his 16 years of service.

According to the CDC, adults over age 65 need at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week, as well as weekly activities that strengthen muscles and improve balance. The National Council on Aging notes that exercise has many benefits for older adults, including improving mood, boosting immunity, reducing osteoarthritis pain and preventing bone loss.

An article from Legacy Parks Foundation further extols the many benefits of the safe, fun Playspace that brings all ages together: “People of all ages benefit from increased physical activity, access to vitamin D, fresh air and the reduction of health risk factors associated with outdoor activity. Research on Intergenerational play specifically, has shown that children display higher levels of language and problem-solving skills when they have lots of contact with adults.

“But the benefits are not just for children – playful interactions can also benefit older adults, supporting better health and social engagement, preventing cognitive decline, and creating multigenerational learning opportunities.”

The Intergenerational Playspace at Beverly Park is open and free to the public daily from dawn until dusk at 5311 Beverly Park Circle in Knoxville. If you have a group interested in “Play and Learn” session that covers the benefits and use of the equipment, please email [email protected].

We hope that you’re already enjoying the multiple benefits of moving more, but if not, April is a great time to start developing some healthy exercise habits.

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