Enjoy summertime fun in the sun safely

Ah, summertime. It’s a great time to get outdoors and enjoy all the warm weather activities that make this time of year so appealing.

At Hillcrest Healthcare, we love to create fun experiences to get our patients and residents outside. We enjoy our time together while ensuring that we take precautions to keep everyone safe. Since July is UV Safety Awareness Month, aimed at helping people understand how to stay safe in the sun, it’s a good time to discuss steps to take while in the sun. 

Most of our UV exposure comes from the sun. Most of us have experienced sunburn – that red, itchy skin that comes from being unprotected in the sun for too long – but excessive UV exposure also can cause lasting skin damage. It can even damage DNA cells in the skin.

Sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, which, according to the American Cancer Society, is the most common form of cancer. It can even harm our eyes and weaken immune systems. We take sun exposure seriously, even while having a seriously good time outside! We hope you will, too.

Here are a few simple guidelines to enjoy the sun safely:

  • Try to stay in the shade, out of direct sunlight, if possible.
  • Avoid being outside during the hottest hours in the middle of the day.
  • Wear protective clothing that covers your arms and legs and add a hat and sunglasses.  
  • Wear sunscreen! Apply a generous amount to exposed skin and reapply often.
  • Keep tabs on medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight – even common medications such as antihistamines can increase reactions in the sun.  

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