COVID-19 Updates

Please see below our most current updates on testing, policies and services. These updates will be communicated to employees, patients and families weekly as information becomes available.

If you have questions, please visit our contact page to reach us.

We look forward to our communities receiving COVID-19 vaccines to keep our patients, staff and their families safe. Learn more about the vaccines by clicking on the provided links below.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Hillcrest Healthcare tests all employees for COVID-19 per Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines. If any employee or resident in the respective centers are positive, then residents are tested weekly until two cycles of testing are negative for COVID-19 by protocol at each of the three skilled nursing communities.

COVID-19 status as of February 26, 2021

Active patient cases 0 1 4
Recovered patient cases 45 53 66
Active employee cases 0 0 2
Recovered employee cases 56 37 42
Deaths associated with COVID-19 in hospital 2 6 2
Deaths associated with COVID-19 in facility 3 7 6

Per industry best practices, COVID-19 “units” have been prepared and separated from the general resident population by barrier and protocol to protect patients.

Enhanced safety measures are provided for patients who must leave a Hillcrest Healthcare facility for medically necessary appointments and all new admissions. These safety measures are provided for 14 days upon return or admission to the facilities.

Any employee that receives a positive COVID 19 test result is sent home to quarantine under the guidelines of the Knox County Health Department. The Knox County Health Department conducts contact tracing with employees who test positive and will notify those who came into contact with the employees for the required amount of time prior to the positive result.

Additional steps taken for the safety and well-being of patients and employees include:

  • Every patient is assessed daily for changes in condition.
  • All employees are screened prior to the start of their shift for symptoms and fever.
  • Enhanced sanitation procedures will continue.
  • Testing of residents and staff will continue per CMS guidelines.
  • Our activity departments continue to provide one-to-one visits utilizing virtual platforms to keep people connected.

The CMS released guidance regarding the re-opening of our communities. We have created the following visitation protocols at all of our communities:

  • Visitation has resumed with prescriptive guidance from the regulatory agencies.
  • Communities without a new COVID-19 case for at least 14 days may offer outdoor or limited indoor visitation between guests and residents.
  • If a community has a new COVID-19 case among residents or staff, visitation will be suspended until the community is without a COVID-19 case for at least 14 days.
  • Visits are limited to 45 minutes to ensure all residents may receive visitors.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are not permitted.
  • All visitation must be pre-scheduled and may be limited by space, staff availability or day of the week to accommodate all residents’ ability to receive visitors.
  • Visitors and staff must adhere to core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention to reduce the risk of transmission. These include required health screenings before entering a facility, practicing hand-cleaning hygiene, wearing a face mask or covering and social distancing by at least 6 feet. Visitors unable to adhere to these principles will not be permitted access and will be asked to leave.

Hillcrest Healthcare is following all guidance from all state and federal regulatory agencies and will continue to notify our employees, patients, patient’s point of contact and the public as developments are monitored.