2020: A year in review

As the calendar resets to 2021, we have great hope and renewed focus for the year ahead.

And as we reflect on the year behind us, it’s clear that although 2020 brought immense change, Hillcrest Healthcare found so many good ways to impact our patients, associates and community. We experienced more heartwarming stories than we could ever have time to tell, but we want to share some positive highlights.

A new look
If the words “brand refresh” sound boring to you, ask the Hillcrest Healthcare team about the positive impacts that a new look can have. This year, we completely updated our branding so that all of our communities still retain their identities while having cohesive logos to tie us together.

We launched a new website that provides one stop for information about our communities, updates and careers, as well as vibrant images of real life at our three Knoxville locations.

Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation
The Hillcrest Healthcare Foundation is a nonprofit that provides financial support to advance the Hillcrest Healthcare belief that Everyone Matters. It’s another way we tap into the volunteer spirit to increase access to healthcare services, education and technology.

The look for the foundation has been refreshed as well and now information, including ways to get involved and donate, can be found on our website.

In October, the foundation held its First Annual Golf Tournament with more than 50 golfers and a dozen volunteers. It raised more than $14,000 to help support the foundation’s mission.

Part of the mission involves education, and in 2020 the foundation made its first tuition reimbursement to Chloe Hirst, an associate in the activities department at Island Home who wanted to advance her career and become a CNA. She currently is in school to get her CNA licensure, and we’re so proud to support her as she grows with Hillcrest Healthcare.

Our impact
From supporting our associates to caring for our patients to being good community stewards, Hillcrest Healthcare has made positive impacts in 2020:

81: Community education programs Hillcrest Healthcare provided or sponsored
1,099: New patients or residents welcomed and served
848,625: Activities and engagement opportunities offered
424,313: Meals served

Tribute to resident veterans

Thank you for your continued support as we look forward to making more positive impacts in 2021.